Interieur evolution
Scandi, Japandi, Bauhaus: what is the trend for the coming months or years? The answer: none of them – or all of them?

Scandi, Japandi, Bauhaus: what is the trend for the coming months or years? The answer is none of them – or all of them. Because there is no longer such a thing as the one trend that everything is geared towards. Many micro trends run parallel to each other, interweave and form new style mixes.

The most varied styles coexist and, in terms of sustainability, prevail over the long term rather than just for one season. So let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. What has the last year done to us? Socially, politically, but also personally?"

The changeability of space
If the past few months have taught us one thing, it is that the way we live and work is constantly changing.

Working remotely from home was completely unthinkable in many companies a while ago and has now become a matter of course. The private space has therefore become much more flexible. Office and backdrop for the Zoom meeting in the morning, personal retreat in the evening.

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Reclaiming the office
But the growth in the home office has also shown that we need an exchange with others…

...especially if we want to think and work creatively. So the office is anything but a thing of the past. But it has to face new challenges. It will become a meeting place, a social space, and must cater for the demand for common rituals as well as for rest and seclusion. The design of offices must face up to the contradiction between loud and quiet, technological and human, or public and private, and find an answer.

Knowledge as currency
To be able to further develop one’s own talents and skills… more important to many people today than a financial incentive or even a title. Open working spaces, master classes: dedicated auditoriums offer space for an environment that focuses on continuous learning and personal development.

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Reduce to the max
Housing is a topical issue in almost all cities.

Affordable living space is in short supply almost everywhere. For the interior this means if you don’t have more space available, you have to make more of the space you do have. So the balcony becomes a green lung, the bathroom a beauty spa and the living room an office, a cinema, a restaurant and a relaxation room. So we are looking for answers to the question: How can less space do more?

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Convertibility: It’s all in the details
The increased time people have recently spent in their own four walls…

...has, among other things, awakened a new love of detail. Suddenly, little things catch your eye that you hadn’t paid much attention to before. This is where a new value comes into play, since special details are often the first casualties in the battle for cheaper production.

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Give public more space
Cramped, narrow spaces and buildings through which people have to squeeze in close together…

...are relatively impractical when people around the globe have to deal with the issue of distance. Therefore, of course, this also has an impact on the way we think, act and, above all, design space in the future. Public spaces such as the foyers of hotels, museums or even train stations, but also more everyday things such as classrooms, will experience an architectural change, shaped by a new generosity.

Getalit laminate

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