Getalit Program
Discover elements with real power for combination.

With our Getalit collection, we deliberately do not follow any quick trends, but instead focus on sustainable solutions that provide lasting inspiration. Industrial craftsmanship and creative work complement each other in the entire range to form a harmonious whole.

Interior and Basic Range
The current Getalit interior collection 2021-2024: For interior design, construction of buildings and everything that can be thought afresh.

Discover elements laminates, compact sheets and compound elements in inspiring uni colours, stone, creative and wood decors.

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Interior Collection

Basic Range

Worktop Collection
It may be that the kitchen furniture makes the first impression. But the worktop determines the style.

It decides what effect a material, colour or texture really achieves. It can complete and deepen a look or give it a completely new twist. The current Getalit collection, for example, offers a wide variety of wood looks and materials, comes as a single worktop or as a complete package with elements for back panels, edges and walls. Whether compact worktop or already cut to size: each element of our collection is a decision for haptics and optics, for value and absolute pleasure in good design.

Our worktop variants: Postforming, PP edge and compact. 


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Compact Laminate Collection
The current Getalit compact laminate programme offers a wide range of design options.

Excellent surface properties open up new scope for application. The homogeneous core structure of Getalit compact laminates allows for extraordinary ways of design of edges and surfaces.

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Compact Laminate Collection

Window sill collection
The right window sill for every window, whether for new buildings or renovations

The extensive window sill programme offers the right window sill for every application.

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Partition Wall Collection
Partition walls must not only be functional, but also meet visual requirements.

Whether in warm wood tones or in colour-intensive plain decors - these requirements can be met with the Getalit laminate. We have made it our business to recognise developments in the interior sector at an early stage in order to create elements that are bold in design and uncompromising in value.

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Partition Wall Collection 

Sampleshop: Dekor Selektor

Order samples of the Getalit collection. 

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Getalit laminate

Our Getalit laminate is a high-quality high pressure laminate (HPL) with outstanding properties. Synthetic resin-soaked kraft papers, printed or dyed decorative papers and the crystal-clear overlay protection are pressed together during production under great heat and very high pressure. This creates particularly impact and abrasion resistant laminates that meet all the requirements for high quality without compromise. 

Since HPL is an extremely resistant material for a wide range of applications, it is particularly in demand where robust properties and the highest standards have to be met - for example in kindergartens and hospitals, but also as a worktop in the home kitchen. Our Getalit laminate has been a success story for decades and at the same time, an inspiring material composition with a future.